X-Titans: Young Evolution is an animated series. It is an amalgamation of X-Men: Evolution and Young Justice.


Season 1Edit

  • Strategy Day
  • The X-Fire
  • Welcome To Rogue Harbor
  • Crush Zone
  • Schooled Speed
  • Middle Infiltrator
  • Denial of the Rogue
  • DownCam
  • Bereft of the Fittest
  • Shadowed Targets
  • Grim Terrors
  • The Home
  • Alpha Cauldron
  • Growing Revelation
  • Humanity Surge
  • Secret Boom
  • Misplaced Fun
  • Coldhearted Beast
  • Adrift Image
  • Angel's Agendas
  • African Insecurity
  • Joy Preformance
  • Wild Suspects
  • Operation: Acquaintance

Season 2Edit

  • Happy Mindbender
  • Shadow Earthlings
  • Alienated Retreat
  • The Salvage Factor
  • Beneath Reckoning
  • Day of Bloodlines
  • Depths of Recovering

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