Super Soldier is a Kryptonian soldier chosen for a super-soldier project. The radiation of Krypto's sun gave him amazing abilities. One day, his planet exploded and he was the only survivor. He went to Earth for a new home, and started a new life there as Steve Kent. He decided to use his soldier uniform to protect Earth as Super Soldier.


  • Bucky/Superboy: Soldierboy (NOTE: Not to be confused with that sucky rapper guy)
  • Falcoln/Supergirl: Falcolngirl
  • Sharon Carter/Lois Lane: Lois Carter
  • Peggy Carter/Lana Lang: Peggy Lang
  • Nomad/Steel: Steel Nomad


  • Red Skull/Lex Luthor: Green Skull
  • Viper/Mercy Graves: Ophelia Graves
  • Crossbones/Doomsday
  • Protocide/Bizarro: Bizarrocide
  • Iron Cross/Metallo: Metal Cross
  • Arnim Zola/Morgan Edge: Arnim Edge
  • Baron Zemo/General Zod: General Zemo

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