Spiderbat: City of Shadows is a combo of Batman: Arkham City and Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. It is a sequel to Spiderbat: Friend of an Asylum.


Spiderbat is battling Venom-Face, when the alien goop bonded to half of HIS face is blown off. It bonds to Spiderbat's face. Spiderbat tries to get it off, but has to arrive to the hospital to see a hospitalized Vicki Jane. There he also meets Mark Ryder, the Moon Creeper, who tells him that there is a gangwar between Venom-Face and The Fowl. Spiderbat manages to get the goop off his face, and he goes to stop the gangwar, but the city soons become infested with the goop.



  • Spiderbat
  • Cat Black
  • Mark Ryder


  • Green Joker
  • The Fowl
  • Harlequin Goblin
  • Sandface
  • Banen The Bounty-Hunter
  • The Jackaller
  • Venom-Face
  • Killer Rhino

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