Iron Bat/ Tony Wayne- Iron Man + Batman

Super Soldier/ Clarke Rogers- Captain America + Superman

ThunderGirl/ Diana Blake- Thor + Wonder Woman

Spiderflash/ Barry Parker- Spiderman + The Flash

Arroweye/ Clint Archer- Hawkeye + Green Arrow

Black Widow/ Dinah Romanov- Black Widow + Black Canary

Captain Power Marvel/ Karen Danvers- Captain Marvel + Power Girl

The Aquamariner- Namor + Aquaman

Nightdevil/ Dick Murdoch- Daredevil (Marvel) + Nightwing (DC)

The Red Soldier- Winter Soldier (Marvel) + Red Hood (DC)


Thanoseid- Thanos (Marvel)

Baron Von Luthor- Baron Von Strucker (Marvel) + Lex Luthor (DC)

Hugo Stan/ Bat Monger- Obadiah Stan/ Iron Monger (Marvel) + Hugo Strange (DC)

Nefaria Al Ghul/ The Mandarin- The Mandarin (Marvel) + Count Nefaria (Marvel) + Ra's Al Ghul (DC)

Whipbane/ Bram Scarlotti- Whiplash (Marvel) + Dreadknight (Marvel) + Bane (DC)

The Emperor Penguin/ Wilson Cobblepot- Kingpin (Marvel) + the Penguin (DC)

Scarecrow/ Ebenezer Crane- Scarecrow (Marvel) + Scarecrow (DC)

Philip Tetch/ Mad Puppeter- Puppet Master (Marvel) + Mad Hatter (DC)

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