At 08:00 this morning rogue members of the elite Fox-S.T.A.R.S. unit captured a secret Umbrellatech bio-warfare development base. Due to the high risk of this mission and the fact that the is in a residential area only one man can be trusted with the mission, ex Fox-S.T.A.R.S. leader Solid Snake Redfield. On the mission he will encounter strange enemies but also acquire a few allies.

Solid Snake Redfield (Solid Snake/Chris Redfield)


Meryl Valentine (Meryl Silverburgh/Jill Valentine)

Otakon/Rebecca Emmerich (Hal Emmerich/Rebecca Chambers)

The Gunman (The Ninja/???) Metal Gear: Tyrant (Metal Gear: Rex/Tyrant)

Umbrellatech (Armstech/Umbrella Corps.)

Liquid Snake Wesker (Liquid Snake/Albert Wesker)

Colonel Roy Irons (Colonel Roy Campbell/Chief Brian Irons)

Shadow'Coon Island (Shadow Moses Island/Raccoon City)

Genome Zombie (Genome Soldiers/Zombies)

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