'LectronA wikia contributors list of amalgamsAbsolute Aquaman
Absolute BatmanAbsolute BrainiacAbsolute DC
Absolute FlashAbsolute Green LanternAbsolute John Jones
Absolute Jonah HexAbsolute Lionel LuthorAbsolute Marvel
Absolute NightwingAbsolute Oliver QueenAbsolute Sergeant Rock
Absolute SupermanAbsolute Wonder WomanAll-Star Journey Issue 83
Amalgam: earth 52Amalgam CharactersAmalgam Cinematic Characters
Amalgam Cinematic UniverseAmalgam Comics- The Ultimate 52! CharactersAmalgam Fanon Wiki
Amalgam Fanon Wiki/DC 2099, Avengers: The NailAmalgam Fanon Wiki/Inter-Company CombosAmalgam Fanon Wiki/Outside of Marvel and DC
Amalgam Superheroes - I'M POLISH DON'T EDITAmalgam Universe Alliance Online (Version 1)Amazathoth
Amazon (TheCannon's)Ambush Duck (Movie)Andrew the kings Amalgam Comics
Ant-man (The New 52)ArcherverseAvengers: The Shrapnel
Avengers (New 52)Avengers of JusticeAvenging League: Unlimited Heroes
BatfistBeware The Ultimate SpiderbatBlack Cat (The New 52)
Black SkullBruce StarkCaptain America (The New 52)
Captain BatChangefaceCivil Injustice: Gods Among War
Cloak & Dagger (New 52)Crenshaw's 'Canon' AmalgamsCrenshaw's List 1
DCCUDC Civil War eventDC Zombies
Dark-SpiderDark-Spider FamilyDark-Spider Rogues Gallery
Dark ClawDark Claw: The Animated SeriesDark Claw: The Best Crusader There Is
Dark Claw (TV Series)Dark Claw (TheCannon's)Dark Claw Begins
Dark Claw InfiniteDark Claw Returns: UnitedDark Soldier
Day 52Deadpool (New 52)Demon Hulk Characters
Detective Fantasy Issue 15Devil-BatDevil-Bat (film)
Dino-BoyDoom avengersDr. Nygma's Amalgam Universe
Earth-1620Earth-716ElectricMayhem's List Of Amalgam Characters
Fantastic FamilyFlash Rider (Movie)Fortanono's List of Amalgam Characters (ARCHIVE)
Fortanono's character listGalaximaGamma Lantern
Gamma Lantern: the Animated SeriesGhost Rider (New 52)Ghostpoint
Ghostpoint: Emperor NamorGreen America: The Animated SeriesGreen Beast
Green SpiderGreen Thunder (film)Grin Goblin (JM2)
Guardians of the Galaxy (New 52)Halothair's Amalgam UniverseHouse of 52
House of LHurrin's Amalgam MultiverseIron Arrow Rogues Gallery
Iron BatIron Bat (film)Iron Man (New 52)
Iron Man (The New 52)Iron ManhunterIronpoint
IronvilleJLX: Dark Claw BeginsJLX (Fanon Version)
JMan2.0's Amalgam UniverseJust Imagine... MarvelJustice Avengers: Earth's Young Heroes
Justice League AvengersJustice League Avengers: Earth's Unlimited HeroesJustice Legion
Justice Legion 2Kung Fu Masters for HireLando Fox
Lantern RiderLethal Legion (New 52)Lex Killian
Liberty Bow: The Silver ArrowList of AmalgamsM.T.S. list of amalgamations
Malik al GhulMan of IronMarvcom/Capvel
Marvel: Earth OneMarvel: The New 52Marvel - The New 52
Marvel Universe - The New 52Mash-Up: Doom Patrol and LoSH.Metal Gear: Res
Mr. PrometheusMralandalus's DC Marvel Amalgam universeMystallo
Namor (New 52)Namor (The New 52)Nick Crenshaw's Request Gallery
Nick Crenshaw's micro heroesNova Lantern CharactersOmega Bane
Outlaw BebopReal World AmalgamsRobin Hood
S.H.I.E.L.D (Marvel Universe)Secret LiberatorsSergeant Problem
Silver Flash Vol 1SinestrashSkaar-el
SkylordBlazer's List of AmalgamsSpectre Rider CharactersSpider-Bat
Spider-Boy (Fanon Version)Spider-Boy (Movie)Spider-Boy (TheCannon's)
Spider-Boy II (Movie)Spider-Boy PrimeSpider-Flash (TV Series)
Spider-GirlSpider-Man (New 52)Spider-man (The New 52)
SpiderbatSpiderbat: Brave & The UltimateSpiderbat: City of Shadows
Spiderbat: Friend of an AsylumSpiderbat: The Animated SeriesSpiderbat (film)
Spiderbat ForeverSpiderbat InfiniteSpiderbat Number 181
Spiderbat ReturnsSpirit of Steel (film)Spirit of Steel 2
Steel GhostSteel JokerSuper-Skrull Prime
Super-Soldier: Avenger of SteelSuper-SpiderSuper Iron
Super Soldier (ElectricMayhem's)Super Soldier (TheCannon's)Superhulk
Superior ManSuperman (House of L)T-Rex
Team Iron ArrowTheCannon's List of Amalgam CharactersThe Avengers (The New 52)
The Avenging Legion (The Avengers + Legion of Super-Heroes)The Death and Return of Super Soldier (Video-Game)The Kraken (JM2)
The NOW! 52The Spectacular SpiderbatThe Ultimate 52
Thor-ElThundermanTrailblazer101's Earth-101 Amalgams
Trailblazer101's Earth-716 AmalgamsUltimate BatmanUltimate DC
Ultimate DC: The Brave & The BoldUltimate Darkseid TrilogyUltimate Green Lantern
Ultimate JusticeUltimate SupermanUltimate dc
UltimatepointVenom-Face (JM2)Wally West (Earth-1620)
Wayne Parker (Earth-101)Wayne Parker (Earth-716)West Coast Avengers (New 52)
West Coast Avengers (The New 52)White RhinoWild One
X-Titans: Young EvolutionYoung Avengers (The New 52)■Amalgam Monster Universe (Earth-96128)

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