Mandarin VertigoEdit

Real Name: Werner Khan

Fusion of: DC's Count Vertigo/Marvel's Mandarin

Bio: Gene was born of the union between two powerful families. The wealthy Khan family of China, and the noble Vertigo family of Vlataveria (A fusion of DC's Vlatava/Marvel's Latveria). He was born with a defect that harmed his balance that manifested when he was a child. That and his mixed heritage giving him a lot of bullying from his peers. He was eventually given an experimental surgery with an implant created from alien technology that fixed his balance, but unwittingly also gave him the ability to induce vertigo (the loss of balance to others). Afterwards he sought out the technology that created the implant and used the alien technology to create a set of ten power rings to also aid him in his mission.

Iron MerlynEdit

Real Name: Arthur Stane

Fusion of: DC's Merlyn/Marvel's Obadiah Stane

Justin DodgerEdit

Alias: None

Fusion of: DC's Dodger/Marvel's Justin Hammer

White NoiseEdit

Real Name: Unknown

Fusion of: DC's Onomatopoeia/Marvel's Ghost


Real Name: Slade Masters

Fusion of: DC's Slade Wilson/Marvel's Tony Masters

Madame ShadoEdit

Real Name: Unknown

Fusion of: DC's Shado/Marvel's Giuletta Nefaria

China SteelEdit

Real Name: Chien Na Hammer

Fusion of: DC's Chien Na Wei/Marel's Sasha Hammer

Bio: The daughter of Mandarin Vertigo who runs a drug cartel in the pacific for her father that helps finance his supervillain career. When Oliver Stark goes missing he winds up on an island with one of her major poppy fields and eventually winds up capturing. Though she's he's kept alive so that he can make a special weapon for them.

Temujin DrakonEdit

Alias: None

Fusion of: DC's Constantine Drakon/Marvel's Temujin

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