Devil-bat (Bruce Murdock) is an amalgamation of Daredevil and Batman. His nickname is the Knight Without Fear.


  • Catsai (Elektra/Catwoman)
  • Alfred Nelson (Alfred/Foggy Nelson)
  • White Robin (Tim Drake/White Tiger)
  • Vicki Page (Vicki Vale/Karen Page)


  • Joking (Joker/Kingpin)
  • Two-eye (Two-face/Bullseye)
  • Fearcrow (Scarecrow/Mr. Fear)
  • Stiltler (Riddler/Stilt Man)
  • Purple Hatter (Mad Hatter/Purple Man)
  • Freeze Stalker (Mr. Freeze/Death-Stalker)
  • Fowl (Penguin/Owl)
  • Baniator (Bane/Gladiator)
  • Poison's-Head (Poison Ivy/Death's Head)
  • The League of the Hand (The League of Assasins/The Hand)
  • Ra's A Izo (Ra's A Ghul/Master Izo)
  • Talia A Ghu/???
  • Bat-Bull (Man-Bat/Man-Bull)
  • Hush Mary (Mary Elliot) (Hush/Typhoid Mary)
  • Roscoe Chill (Joe Chill/Roscoe Sweeney)

Story arcsEdit

  • Devil-bat: Once Born (Batman: Year One/Daredevil: Born Again)
  • Devil-bat: Under the Guardian Devil (Guardian Devil/Batman: Under the Red Hood)
  • Devil-bat: A Death Without Fear (A Death in the Family/Without Fear)
  • Devil-bat: The Reborn Joke (The Killing Joke/Daredevil: Reborn)

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