Real Name: Peter Wayne

Fusion of: DC's Bruce Wayne/Marvel's Peter Parker

May PennyworthEdit

Alias: None

Fusion of: DC's Alfred Pennyworth/Marvel's May Parker

George GordonEdit

Alias: None

Fusion of: DC's James Gordon/Marvel's George Stacy

Lucius RobertsonEdit

Alias: None

Fusion of: DC's Lucius Fox/Marvel's Robbie Robertson

Renee DeWolffEdit

Alias: None

Fusion of: DC's Renee Montoya/Marvel's Jean DeWolff

Vicki BrantEdit

Alias: None

Fusion of: DC's Vicki Vale/Marvel's Betty Brant

Mary Jane MadisonEdit

Alias: None

Fusion of: DC's Julie Madison/Marvel's Mary Jane Watson

Ezekiel KirigiEdit

Alias: None

Fusion of: DC's Kiri/Marvel's Ezekiel Sims

Bio: A fellow spider totem who Peter meets on his journey who becomes one of his key mentors.

Dark-Spider Beyond Edit

Real Name: Miguel'O McGinnis

Fusion of: DC's Terry McGinnis/Marvel's Miguel'O Hara

Bio: The successor of Dark-Spider after he was retired. He was in a science accident at Project Cadmus, and got his powers. After trying to fight crime, Peter Wayne aka Dark-Spider decides to help him and give him the Dark-Spider suit.

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