Freedom Crusaders (Freedom Fighters/Crusaders)

Dyna-Doll (2) (Doll Man (2)/Dyna-Mite)

Apollo (2) (Ray (2)/Cyclops)

Silver Condor (Black Condor (3)/Silverclaw)

Blonde Phantom Lady (2) (Phantom Lady (2)/Phantom Blonde)

Thunderbomb (2) (Human Bomb (2)/Thunderfist)

Captain Condor (Black Condor (1)/Cap'n Wings)

Ghost Hood (Invisible Hood/Ghost Girl)

Thunderbomb (1) (Human Bomb (1)/Thunderfist)

Tommy Magnet (1) (Magno (1)/Tommy Lightning)

True Believer (Uncle Sam/Spirit of '76)

Dyna-Doll (1) (Doll Man (1)/Dyna-Mite)

Blonde Phantom Lady (1) (Phantom Lady (1)/Blonde Phantom)

Apollo (1) (Ray (1)/Marvel Boy (1))

Paper Man (Plastic Man/Thin Man)

Jester Mask (Jester/Laughing Mask)

Max Sabre (Max Mercury/Super Sabre)

Tommy Magnet (2) (Magno(2)/Tommy Lightning)

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