Captain Bat
Bruce Rogers
or Captain Bat is a combo of Batman and Captain America.

Friends & EnemiesEdit

  • White Skull (Joker/Red Skull)
  • Eagle (Robin/Bucky)
  • Red Soldier (Red Hood/Winter Soldier)
  • Arnim Two-Face (Two-Face/Arnim Zola)
  • Baron Penguin (Penguin/Baron Zemo)
  • American Girl (Batgirl/Patriot)
  • USpoiler (Spoiler/USAgent)
  • Zsatroc (Mister Zsasz/Batroc)
  • Man-Armadillo (Man-Bat/Armadillo)
  • Haterfy (Firefly/Hate-Monger)
  • Viperwoman (Catwoman/Viper)
  • W.A.Y.N.E. (Wayne Enterprizes/S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  • Nick Fox (Lucius Fox/Nick Fury)
  • (Bane/Crossbones)

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