blue spiderEdit

  • blue beetle/spider-man: blue spider
  • booster gold/daredevil: gold devil
  • venom/black beetle: black venom
  • firefist/electro: electricfist
  • green goblin/gorgon: green gorgon
  • mysterio/doctor alchemy: mysterialchemy
  • rhino/carapax: rhinarax

gold devilEdit

daredevil/booster gold: gold devil

  • kingpin/maxwell lord: maxwell king
  • omac/nuke: omanuke
  • bullseye/mister twister: mister eye
  • despero/the owl: desperowl
  • the 1000/the hand: the 1000 hands
  • mandarin/the director: the madirector
  • mindancer/elektra: elektradancer
  • broderick/purple man: purple brick
  • ==x-legion==
  • legion of superheroes/x-men: x-legion
  • brainiac 5/prof. x: brainiac x
  • cosmic boy/cyclops: cosmic eye
  • mystique/chameleon boy: mystique boy
  • wolverine/timberwolf: wolferine
  • fatal five/brotherhood of evil mutants: brotherhood of fatal mutants
  • magneto/tharok: magnok
  • validus/blob: blobidus
  • scarlet wich/emerald empress: emerald witch
  • quicksilver/mano: quicksapphire
  • persuader/pyro

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